Sea sense

Try to be a courteous and safe sailor at all times by following these guidelines.

  • Keep clear of bathers
  • Be considerate to other water users such as fishermen and anglers
  • Keep noise down in marinas and near moorings, in conservation areas and close to shore
  • Keep your distance from other craft, especially ships
  • Keep clear of yacht, dinghy and power boat races
  • Don't disturb wildlife such as dolphins and seals
  • Keep your boat in good order
  • Keep your eye on the weather, if it gets worse return to shore
  • Stay warm at all times
  • Always keep track of your position. Don't get lost!
  • Keep a good lookout
  • Always take plenty of food and water to drink with you
  • Always have an emergency plan in case of bad weather
  • Wear a life jacket or
    buoyancy aid
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