Always find out about weather conditions before you go sailing to make sure it is safe to sail.
Look at these different ways of getting the weather forecast:

  • Illustration of a harbour master's window

    Harbour Master's

  • Illustration of a newspaper report


  • Illustration of a TV with Ceefax

    on TV

Weather words

Forecasts contain special words, with very exact meanings. Just one word can give you lots of information.

Try and memorise what these words mean and see what you can remember using the quiz.

Weather Fair No major rain
Gale Winds of at least force 8
Timings Imminent Within 6 hours
Later More than 12 hours
Soon Within 6 to 12 hours
Visibility Poor Visibility between 1000 metres and 2 nautical miles
Fog Visibility less than 1000 metres
Sea states Smooth Wave height 0.2 to 0.5 metres
Very rough Wave height 4 to 6 metres

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