At sea, something can go wrong at any time. So it is really important that everything aboard can be clearly identified and described.

Port and starboard

Using the words 'left' and 'right' could be confusing on a boat, because these change depending which way you are facing.

'Port' and 'starboard' are the 'left' and 'right' of the boat itself, which never changes.

Port is left and always shown in red.

Starboard is right and always shown in green.

Rhyme to help you remember:

The captain left the port behind
Illustration of port and starboard

Tips for remembering:

Port = left (both short words with 4 letters)
Starboard = right (both longer words)

Windward and leeward

The windward side of the boat is the side the wind is blowing against.

The leeward side of the boat is the sheltered side.

Windward and leeward illustration

Parts of a boat

Parts of a boat illustration

Screen shot from the quiz
Screen shot from the game